What is the difference between ES TRADING and other signal providers?

Consistency. Some signal providers perform good for 1 month and then they lose the next month. With our experience in the market, we have learned how to sustain in an ever-changing market without being inconsistent. We have been profitable over the years which makes us the best choice for you if you want to sustain long term.

How It Works

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What You Will Need

Laptop, Phone, Wifi, Slack App, Mt4 App, Notebook

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About our company


Our journey started 5 years ago when our founders got scammed in the forex industry.

Since then, they worked hard to find a strategy, the strategy that works over and over and over again. Now, 5 years later we’re launching ES Trading – an elite trading group that will provide a variety of services such as signals, forex trading systems, and one on one trading plan & knowledge development.

WE DON’T SELL a get rich fast system because there’s nothing like that out there! Everyone can “teach you forex”, we are here to teach you how to win in the forex industry. There’s no strategy out there that works 100% of the time, but our strategy works 90% of the time!! Imagine you will place 10 trades and you will win 9 of them!!!

Why we started ES Trading?

To help! To have a team that is there for you through your wins and loses. We win together, we lose together! Our goal is to create a community, a community of individuals that are there for one another all the way to the top. Forex is not easy!! It’s very hard and sometimes you feel lost, you think that you can’t do this anymore, and that’s why we created the VIP PLUS group, where we are not just sharing signals, but we are also motiving and pushing one another to be the best we can possibly be!! We want everyone to experience freedom and be able to do what they always wanted to.
Our goal is to help you, be the best version of yourself inside the forex industry and outside!

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I’ve been in many trading groups and none of them helped me as much as those guys did. ES Trading group really cares about their members. They sent me a lot of PDF books to read and they always kept checking on me to make sure I will do the stuff they told me to do. A few months after my one on one call with them I was able to see massive results in my trading, my wins were way more than my loses. I highly recommend them.
Megan R.


I have been trading for the last 3 years and I was very confused. I was never able to improve my skills. I knew that there was something missing. I knew that I needed a team to help me. I joined the VIP Plus Signals group and I was shocked of the results I was getting from the signals and how amazing everyone was. I bought the one on one plan and now I’m learning to do everything myself.
Shakil J.


I’m a business woman and I manage a few real estate properties. I usually don’t have time to watch the charts, but I want to make some extra money a month that will all go into my savings. I joined their VIP group and honestly, I could not be happier!! They don’t send 10 signals a day like the other providers do. They send about 3, we rarely get 5 but I need to say that there were weeks when I had zero loses with their signals. Best signal provider out there.
Chelsea D.


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