I’ve been in many trading groups and none of them helped me as much as those guys did. ES Trading group really cares about their members. They sent me a lot of PDF books to read and they always kept checking on me to make sure I will do the stuff they told me to do. A few months after my one on one call with them I was able to see massive results in my trading, my wins were way more than my loses. I highly recommend them.
Megan R.


I have been trading for the last 3 years and I was very confused. I was never able to improve my skills. I knew that there was something missing. I knew that I needed a team to help me. I joined the VIP Plus Signals group and I was shocked of the results I was getting from the signals and how amazing everyone was. I bought the one on one plan and now I’m learning to do everything myself.
Shakil J.


I’m a business woman and I manage a few real estate properties. I usually don’t have time to watch the charts, but I want to make some extra money a month that will all go into my savings. I joined their VIP group and honestly, I could not be happier!! They don’t send 10 signals a day like the other providers do. They send about 3, we rarely get 5 but I need to say that there were weeks when I had zero loses with their signals. Best signal provider out there.
Chelsea D.


LOVE & RESPECT for this team and everything they are doing. FINALLY I found a reliable team. I’ve been in the VIP Plus signal group and I just love it. Everyone is sharing ideas, content, feedback. We are like a huge family helping on another succeed. This is what I needed.

Marco D.


I joined this group and I doubled my account in 8 days!! They even sent me addition information and some tips and advices. Thank you ES Trading for your help.
Patrick H.